April 16th 2010

Now, its been too long.
A blog that is not updated is like an unfed street dog. its unimportant enough to ignore, yet loud enough to prove irksome.
so here i am, continuing my online journal of the haphazard, the unusual and the useless.
now, where do i begin?
well today was a pretty hectic day, enough classes to keep me in a state of subconsciousness for the better part of the day( double hour microprocessors first up, screamed of danger. a warning i ignored much to my peril).
anyhow.. after surviving that. next up was control systems viva/assignment. after a two hour delay, thanks to the prof socializing with the director, i was finally ushered into his office.
'hello aditya'
'good afternoon sir'
'did you have lunch today'
(baffled)'....? yes sir...'
( roll name viva(/10)
( 11 aditya venkataraman 10


talk abt a lucky break?

sadly, life has this rather annoying way of putting u down just when it starts to stink a little less.
my luck was about to end right there.
room. i pack my bags to leave for home.(for my new readers, i live in trichy now...... ya thats right, i am local now......you can stop laughing now :( )
the bus.
that demonic four limbed gargoyle filled with everything nasty and bad.
about that bad bad bus, in the next epidose.
adios for now. may the force be with you and let u catch a break like me >)


  1. Want to hear more on bus! Also drop by blog some time. Has been updated a lot since you disappeared :D


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