Medium - new bottle, new wine.

Why do we blog? What moves us to record so many tiny, insignificant moments of our lives in digital ink and tuck away in a corner of the internet? Even when blogging is way past its prime and people don't really care what we do and don't do? 

I blog because it ... just feels natural. Who among us does not want an outlet with the world? Who among us often does not feel the crushing silence closing in and yell out against it in an act of frenetic obviation?
My blog is just that, my holler against the silence. As long as it rings strong and loud, I can go about my things in peace. 

BTW, I recently started publishing some of my old blog posts on Medium. It is an incredible site for reading great stuff. I am excited to be a part of it and hopefully, I will start publishing fresh posts on it.
Do check it out here when you have the time

But this one will always stay my little backyard on the net. :)


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