Rooting your phone from an Ubuntu Desktop

I have always loved tinkering around with my phone & tablet. It is one of the best things about owning an Android device. For a long time, I used ready-made tool kits available for Windows such as NexusRootToolKit for my rooting and flashing custom ROMs on my phone. While these tools are convenient, you don't get to know how exactly the process works. What are these words people say? 'Root', 'Boot loader', 'Recovery' and so on. As the adage goes, 'Give a man a fish ... ' 

So yesterday I decided to root and flash my phone (which was running stock android) from first principles. Since I have now switched completely to Ubuntu, I did not have the luxury of a ready-made tool for getting my job done. So I some digging around on the net and found an absolutely superb guide for rooting my phone. Not only is the process as simple as using a tool-kit on Windows, but also teaches us what are the steps in the process and why you need to do them. Being a universal method, this should work fine on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Sharing the link here.

While the link is specific to my phone - Galaxy Nexus, the steps should work with any other Android device as well. (of course, you will need recovery files specific to your device)

In fact, I recommend following the author of the guide, Max on YouTube. He posts regular videos explaining the various Android concepts. Even if you are not a hardcore developer, it does not hurt to know a little bit more about your phone. :)  

PS: for those interested, after rooting my Phone, I installed the latest stable release AOKP custom ROM and for better battery I installed Franco's custom kernel on top of that. 

PPS: The whole process took me ~15 mins. 


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