A nephew is born!

I am now the uber proud Uncle to a beautiful baby boy. He was born yesterday to my elder sister and in a matter of seconds, usurped my position as the favorite kid of the family. But I could not have lost it to a better man!

It is probably in high school or in the early days of college that life stops being a journey of discovering wondrous new things and instead becomes an exercise in inuring ourselves against the new and the alien. We stop rejoicing at change and start setting our tastes in stone. We stop embracing foreign emotions and seek comfort in known tears and laughs. Around the time our physique stops to grow, we instruct our minds to follow suit.

Life cannot go on like that. Such stultified existence can only lead to decadence and ruin. To offset the set order of things and to turn our lives upside down, life periodically bequeaths upon us some great moments and unimaginable experiences. The birth of a child, in the family, is one such and probably the most beautiful of them all.

My life, my family's life and most importantly my sister's will never be the same again. For we have amidst us, a wailing boy with shocking black hair and an already long list of likes and dislikes. Taking care of him and ensuring his comfort will take precedence over everything else now. Spoiled brats such as me, used to getting things my way, will now be snubbed in passing, but far from apprehending it, I look forward to it. This is good change and I know I must embrace it.

I think it is time for me to grow up as well. Having a nephew is a huge responsibility and I really must strive to be the kind of Uncle he will be proud of. I must start learning plenty of cool things like juggling and legos to impress him in his formative years. I must strive to make myself indispensable in his schemes of merriment! Impressing him will require me to change and grow in ways I deemed impossible before. But it a good change and I must embrace it!

The mother and child are well and the city of Chennai is hot, just the way I like it. Yet another great memory has been made in my most beloved town.


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