Dear Psy ... Why this Kolaveri?

Dear Psy from the Gangnam Style,

As I sit here, viewing your hit 'Gangnam Style' in a, frankly, senseless desire to help it become the first video on Youtube to hit the billion views mark, I can't help myself from wanting to ask you the question... 'Why this Kolaveri dude?'

I know that your song is a supposed parody on the high class neighborhood of Gangnam and its people, but hell, I did not know that for a long long time! I bet half of your millions of viewers still do know that!

So what have you done, you crazy Korean man, to make people all over the world watch your K-pop masterpiece and also, watch it over and over?

What are you trying to tell us? That you don't need to have the looks of a Ricky Martin or a Shakira to become a global music icon? Or that you don't need to have good music to become a global music icon?! While you were making those wacky horse moves during the shoot, did you expect that one day, folks from Barack Obama to the Wolverine will one day be swinging their legs in the same way? (Btw, I think that kid in the video is really cool! He's got spunk!)

I thought a little more about this and on one bleary-eyed occasion, it seemed that you are proof that God exists! Let's accept it, you are not exactly eye-candy material but I am guessing you are a rage among the women-folk now! So maybe there is still hope for dorky dancers such as me and millions more!

That brings me to another observation. Your signature move is now so famous that it can even rival MJ's Moon Dance in popularity... As blasphemous as that sounds to MJ fans including me! But you are a stroke of genius even above MJ! Ban Ki Moon would never have tried the Moon Dance! You need years of practice to get the Moon Dance right while all it takes to do The Gangnam Style are a few shots of booze! Genius.

Apart from being mind-blown when I first saw your video, the adjective that immediately came to my mind about the Gangnam Style was - Loud. Everything is loud in your video dude! Your singing, your crazy suits, your hot dancer friends (btw, nice touch with that train pole dance sequence. Real classy!) and last but not the least, your dancing! But the funny thing was.. it was mesmerizing! When you were doing that weird (and a little disturbing) head bob sequence in that elevator under another's guys legs, I laughed away a head bob of my own! When you were shouting at that girl's bottom in the beach, I was cheering you on! While you were dueling with the Yellow Guy/Girl (not sure till date!) in that underground garage, I almost flipped out!

Eventually, the whole Gangnam phase went off and I moved on with life as usual... until I heard that your video was fast approaching Baby Bieber's Baby, in terms of views on Youtube. Even though it was my hatred for Baby B that made me watch your video again and again that day, I must admit, there was a tinge of grudging admiration and love for you as well.

So today, you have a billion views! Congrats! :)
I can't say you don't deserve it! In a year of many tragedies, environmental disasters, wars and shootings, your mad dance has certainly brought a smile to millions.
You have horse-danced your way into Musical Hall of Fame. Keep dancing on, you round Korean Superstar! Keep dancing on!

Fellow Horse Dancer.

PS : Just out of curiosity, how did the horses react when you were doing the move in front of them? One of them seemed pretty pissed off in the video!


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