The time i got 'arrested'

All of us enjoy sitcoms. they have long replaced playing and gaming as the favourite past time for college students. with so many sitcoms being churned out every year, i suppose that we have a never-ending source of entertainment available for us.
some shows are good. some interesting. but once in a while you come across a show which to put it lightly-' charms the fuck out of you', those are the shows which are GREAT! this is about a show i got 'arrested' to.
i got introduced to arrested development, just five days before my semester exams. the very fact that i finished 2 seasons in the next three days, would tell you how much i got hooked onto the show! as my sems were on, i realized that i wanted the exams to end soon, not because i wanted to go home, but because the third season was making my mouth water! i even got scared a few times when i found myself saying out my favourite lines as i was writing my exams!
now why did the show capture my imagination in this way? undoubtedly its a HILARIOUS show. but then there are many shows which make me laugh. i would like to think that the show achieves something which at the first instance strikes one as impossible, it makes all of us relate to a disgraced family of millionaires - rich pampered brats, knee deep in greed and jealousy!there in lies the charm. :) the eccentric nature of each character appeals to very same tendencies in us. everything from incest to corruption, we all know its there somewhere within us, the show just brings it out in the most amazing and hilarious way.
i loved every character. but the one character who blew my mind away was Dr. Tobias Funke. the perennial butt of all jokes, Funke manages to rise above the sea of pity and mirth he induces in the viewer, to actually 'inspire' us. just how many of us secretly harbor a fantasy? one we so rationally deem as crazed and impossible. well funke shows us what it to give voice to that fantasy, even if u dont realize how gay u are!
a tv show should not just entertain you, it must educate you and more importantly enhance you. that's what arrested development achieves in the most magnificent way. its such a pity that it had to be scrapped so early when pitiful attempts such as 90210 and bold and the beautiful have run for so long.
I cant wait for the movie, due in 2011!


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