Burma, Piracy, GrappoFizz and Class

The other day myself, ankur and nitish went to the world famous pirated goods capital of South India - Burma Bazaar. I would be lying if i were to say i was not excited. I had once watched a movie about a gun racket in Burma Bazaar and well, my expectations were high. Now, i did not exactly find gun toting goondas there but i certainly found myself staring at every movie ever made in Kollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood. I was confounded at the collection of movies, many of which i have hardly heard of!
I decided to stay in vogue and watch yesteryear Hollywood classics( well thats what all my friends seem to be doing) and decided to buy three movies - valkyrie, the Tom Cruise World War II flick( which turned out to be some Shreya movie At the End of the Line! That thieving scoundrel!), Citizen Kane - the greatest movie ever made according to Time and the Guns of Navarrone - an old adventure movie.
That night i settled down in front of my TV( as always with nourishment at hand) and started watching Guns of Navarrone. To say i was mind-bogglingly, fantastically, unbelievably amazed at the flick would be a gross understatement! Seriously a classic has class!
The story line is remarkably kiddish, a typical David-Goliath War story about a handful of guys going on doomed mission. The special effects are well.. non- existent. but what makes the movie tick are the characters and the way they grow into a team. Each character of the six member team is at one side of a hexagon. they differ on many issues but finally realize that ultimately everyone wants the same thing - the end of the war.
Apart from the quintessential Captain Mallory, one character which has had a profound impact on me has been Prof. aka Miller. He is the injured major Franklin's best friend and he confronts Mallory when he decides to exploit Franklin for accomplishing the mission. His dialogue, "You are a remarkably ruthless character, Captain Mallory" is sheer brilliance. He is actually the comedian of the team, but his dogged arrogance and defiance of Mallory does not affect his comic antics, one bit. All credit to the guy who played the role. i don't know his name.
This movie is a sharp contrast to another adventure film i saw recently, Indiana Jones Skull Island. Spending millions of dollars and using the best technology of the age cannot make a bad movie any good. In the end it is the people who make a difference.
I wonder if the same conclusion extends to everything. if that be the case, it is good. This is an awesome movie and i strongly recommend everyone to watch it!


  1. Guns of Navarone *was* fantastic.
    Citizen Kane err, I'll just let you watch it first. BTW, throughout the movie the entire screen is in focus. At all times!

    PS: I think you mean gun-toting.


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