Nirvanavum naanum

Holidays are dangerous for mankind. everything that mankind stands for or has strove to do so over the million odd years of our existence is put under an incredible test during the 50 odd days of freedom that every school grants to its creatures. 
no wonder we have the popular saying "an idle mind is a devil's workshop"
now, i do not intend to flatter or aggrandize myself by referring to my mind as His workshop, but during the last 10 odd days, i can safely say that i have been up to no good.
my  longtime feeling that life is dumb has been strengthened, re-vitalized, re-energized and re-affirmed by the long hours of during nothing. 
whats the whole point of this?!

07 45 hours  : sis before leaving for office. "Jicks wake up! Jicks wake up!" 

07 45 to 09 00 : exact timing depends upon whether a response is given at 07 45
     my blanket vanishes.
     my fan stops working
     earthquake aka mum trying to budge me awake 

09 00 hours : mama before leaving for office. "Jicks wake up! Jicks wake up!"

10 00 to 10 30 : The waking up rituals begin.

10 45 : Brushing time. Colgate. that white color flavour.

11 00 : the elixir of life - coffee

11 00 to 11 45 : newspaper the Hindu, the times of India, the economic times

12 00 : bath. 

12 30 : lunch

13 00 : movie

15 15: afternoon siesta

16 00 : afternoon cup of coffee.
      contemplation of what to do in the evening

16 30 : Book- fifa 09 

18 00 : Hit the road! sucks

20 00 : back home.

20 30 : dinner

20 30 to 00 00 : TV

00 00 to 01 15 : book

01 30 : shut eye

this has been my average day over the last two weeks. in this period i have considered everything from suicide to mass murder! 
As the wise old man says enlightenment is just a stone's throw from madness.
yesterday while i was enjoying my evening dose of gutter juice also called my grandma's crap coffee, looking at the school next suddenly struck me! a wave of understanding lashed across my parched soul and i achieved nirvana. the concept of the human, the thing people call athma, the reason behind this, that and everything.... i knew it. i knew it all.

the answer was always there in the back of my mind. i was amazed, appalled and intrigued by my failure to read what was right under my nose and tickling it too. 
well all 's well that end 's well. 
now that i have gone to the higher plane, you should try it out too for that is the whole point of peer pressure and this jobless blog.
3 important conditions for dummers to achieve Nirvana
1. coffee that tastes like gutter juice
2. school next door
3. hot girl in std 11 who sits by the window. 

i am planning to write a book soon, nirvana for dummers. if you are interested please book in advance.

so long earthlings.

ps : after achieving nirvana you will feel ravenous, so please ensure that you have a McRenetts closeby.


  1. what would mankind be without hot girls, eh?

  2. of course. ;)
    they play a most important role in the process of achieving nirvana.

  3. you?nirvana?girls?
    technically incorrect,av.technically incorrect.

  4. @lakshmi
    i pity ur ignorance child. the universe speaks through weird ways. i shall send u copy of my book Nirvana for Dummers for ur further reading! :P


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