A tribute to my schools

I am now in a transition phase, the one in which a 'school student' becomes a 'college goer', from absolute obedience to unobstructed freedom, from long hours of hard work to long hours of fun.
So I am told.
No doubt, college will be a different experience altogether.
At this juncture, I would like to restrospect with regard to my school life. A meagre tribute I can afford for the invaluable contribution they have made to my life.
My first tryst with schooling was in a village near Cheyyar, called Peranamallur. A village infested with monkeys, scorpions and snakes. I still remember crying my head off every morning, till my teacher dragged me inside. Except for the monkeys which we had for company under the tree, I do not remember much about this school.
My next stop, a Pre School inside Kalpakkam Atomic Power Plant Township. It was run by the wives of the scientists working in the plant. I vividly remember my colouring classes. I guess the seeds of my interest in this form of art were sown here.
I moved on to GRT Matriculation School in West Mambalam Chennai. For me used to one room schools in rural India, this was a palace. I was once told that my elder cousin (a year elder to me) studied here. Every day during the break, this UKG kid went searching for him in all classes from Pre KG to class 2, blissfully unaware that he had long left for Scotland.
My sister meanwhile was put up in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ashok Nagar. My father felt it was necessary for me to study under CBSE.
There began my KV journey.
I can never thank that institution enough.
I went to KV AN as raw clay and left it in mid school as a bright kid. My habits, my diction, my policies, everything were learnt in this institution.
My father passed away when I was 12 years old. My mother took a transfer to FD Kolkata.
I hated it when my flight landed in NSCB airport, Dum Dum. I hated everything, the incessant rain, the dinghy streets, the bright yellow taxis, our HUGE home, the scary looking Care taker, the bangla maid.
I hated my school, Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballygunge, a mile inside an Army Campus.
That is the beauty of the City of Joy. 3 months later I came to Chennai for my cousin's wedding. The very next day I wanted to go back!! The City changed me. The school changed me.
The crude pot, that I was when I arrived, was masterfully completed. I had the fortune to study under teachers who considered themselves as facilitatiors for education.
Kolkata taught me many things. I was introduced to politics, finance, girls, music, revolution, nature, etc.
My last stop in my school express was P.S.Senior Sec School, Mylapore, Chennai.
I was told it is the best among schools in Chennai. So I was elated to join this prestigious school.
I can never forget the first few days. Everyone looked like a genius, everyone a competitor.
I played low for the first year and finally got into the act in the 2nd, once I had fairly gauged each and every person in the class.
P.S is different. It is one of the most competitive places on Earth. The sheer determination of students is amazing. I have never had, or ever will have such grit and determination.
I met some people who greatly influenced my thinking, Satyaki, Natraj, NB, Sharanya, LJ, K Sriram, Sundi, to name a few. Each one so unique, I could not stop admiring this school which had put such an assortment of talent under one roof.
Like everyone (almost) in this school, I too cherished the IIT Dream. I realized that there were a few in this school whom I could never compete with. My only consolation is the fact that I had qualified and been offered admission in an IIT.
Here ends my School journey, from the banyan tree in Peranamallur to the heart of Chennai. I have many regrets, but as they say Alls well that ends well.
Soon, College Jet will take off. Fasten your seat belt Jicks!


  1. I feel as if i am being taken down the memory lane, from the palatial Bhavans school in mumbai to the evergreen KV ashok nagar... I would agree with most people when they say School is where characters are built... mine was too..
    Its a good blog and i appreciate your effort... Keep it going my bro..

  2. oi! that was a very decent account of school.:) its exactly what i would've written if i had.
    anyway i cant believe im reading your blog and even commenting on it. must be the insane weather or the extreme levels of boredom :P


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