A Blog on 'What to Blog'?

“Blogging…”, aahh…something I have always wanted to try….
“gazillions of hits, multiple server crashes, networks going KABOOM, all, man, lady and the rest, wanting to read the latest masterpiece out of the hands(rather the keyboard) of Aditya Venkataraman…men going speechless with emotion….women falling prey to the charming lines, oozing with charisma….kids crying with joy and confusion……..”
now that’s how I have imagined my “blogging” career. But as the wise old man (I forgot his name) said “ knowledge is the pre-requisite for action”, I consulted my sister, a blogger of reasonable repute(so I am told)…… amidst the long monologues of blogging wisdom, I successfully managed to get a few things into my skull.
1. A good blog has a good title.
2. A good blog has a good intro.
3. A good blog has a good body, its narrative “motionless in time as the moon climbs”.(courtesy Archibald Macleish)
4. it should end smoothly, no jerky landings…etc,etc,etc.
Right, now that I know a thing or two on blogging, I set off fulfilling my destiny, to carve the name of Aditya Venkataraman (aka Jicks) on the blogging Hall of Fame………
….and I set off….off I go….!$%^&
“Wait a sec! What the heck do I write about?????”
“Cricket, IPL,ICL”… nah my international readership might be affected…. “US elections”.. Even I wouldn’t understand…the media is writing enough about it….. “Rahul Gandhi – The next Big Thing in Indian Politics?” …. no political topics please….
Yes! “Rakhi Sawant”….naah censorship issues ;) …. “Tamil vs the Rest”… nah, I don’t want to starve our film stars for a day… “ Girls in my School! ”..no way..less said the better, less written about, the best! :P…. “Global Warming” , “Food Crises” , “Pollution”, “Corruption – the Malaise of Indian society” ……….No way am I going back to my class 10 social studies text!!
There’s so much to write about but none worthy for my fingers to type about.
“Wait a sec!”(again?), I think I have written a blog on just what to blog !J
It may not be the articulate masterpiece I had envisaged all along, but certainly a great start…
So as I prepare for the silky smooth landing, Captain Jicks requests his passengers to feel free to suggest a topic for his next blog. Please keep in mind my readership issues.
Till next time…friends this is your Captain Jicks signing off.
Adios. Stay safe, stay sensible.

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